Love Yourself, Heal Yourself

You’ve probably heard us say that we don’t just provide homes for our families…we provide them the tools they need to become self-sufficient. One way we try to do this is by building community, so that families at Hope Gardens and Hope Forest can learn from and support each other on their journeys. And so a few weeks ago we held an event where families gathered to celebrate the progress they have made and are making—not financial progress (although that is always cause for celebration), but spiritual and emotional progress. “Love Yourself, Heal Yourself” was the theme, and teen and adult residents shared their stories—and heard applause and so much support from the crowd.

Thank you to Ambler Borough for providing event space, to renowned jazz artist Denise King for lifting us up with her music, and to For Goodness Cakes for providing refreshments. Most of all, thank you to our residents for their openness in sharing their stories and encouragement of each other.