A New Car in the Lot at Family Promise!

Most of us take transportation for granted. But for the families in our housing programs, routine activities like going to work, taking kids to school or daycare, and grocery shopping can be a challenge, with no car—or a car in poor repair. Our resident C was no exception. She had a car when she arrived at Hope Gardens, but it needed repairs constantly and was a huge drain on her budget.

That’s when the folks at the National Auto Body Council (NABC) stepped in. They provided C with a car, donated by GEICO and repaired by Faulkner Collision, as part of their Recycled Rides program.

NABC members team up with collision industry colleagues to refurbish and donate vehicles to individuals and service organizations in need. This collaboration of businesses has resulted in more than 3,000 vehicles valued at $42 million donated in local communities across the country.

C’s life has been made so much easier with the new car. She’s incredibly grateful for the generosity of the NABC!