The True Meaning of Summer

A Note from Our Food Cupboard Coordinator, Rebecca Kelly

School is out for the summer! I remember how excited I was for the end of the school year so I could enjoy the long, lazy days of summer- playing outside until dusk, chasing down the ice cream truck, catching fireflies. It was a magical time. I was one of the lucky kids who had enough to eat, however. For struggling households in our community, the summer can mean hunger for children who have received free and reduced lunches at school.

In my years as Inter-Faith’s food cupboard coordinator, I have seen all kinds of people struggling with food insecurity. Some have surprised me; many have broken my heart. We served 788 children in the last fiscal year alone! For those children, our food pantry is a vital source of food and nutrition every summer. At the same time, our generous donors go on vacation, leaving us with fewer donations and empty shelves.

There is enough food to feed everyone. We just need to get it into the hands of those who need it. Please consider hosting a food drive in your neighborhood, swim club, camp, sports program or anywhere you spend time this summer. Donate fresh produce from your garden and/or arrange to pick up extra produce from your friends’ gardens. Challenge your kids to a collection contest. We can help you with all the details, but we need your initiative. Help make this summer a magical time for all the kids in our community; they will be so grateful. I know I am.

Thank you to everyone helping to keep hearts and bellies full this summer!

Beck Kelly, Food Cupboard Coordinator