Back to School at the Food Pantry

With September just around the corner, we’re holding a school supplies drive at the pantry! If you’d like to donate, here are the items we are collecting:

  • Notebooks
  • Folders
  • Pencils
  • Pens
  • Highlighters
  • Glue sticks
  • Colored pencils/crayons
  • Index cards
  • Erasers
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Pencil case/pouch
  • Rulers

And here are the food and personal care items we’re getting low on:

  • Oatmeal
  • Grits
  • Pancake mix
  • Syrup
  • Canned fruit
  • Ramen noodles or cup of noodles
  • Baking items (cake mix, icing, dry cookie mix, sugar, flour)
  • Paper products (paper towels, toilet paper)
  • Toiletries (body wash, bar soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion)

To see a list of the items we’re always collecting, please visit our website. Thanks for your support! We couldn’t do it without you!

The pantry is located at 2801 Woodland Road, Roslyn, on the campus of Salem Baptist Church.

Donations of food and other items are accepted on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays from 10 am to 1 pm. Please ensure that all items have labels, are within the expiration date, and are properly sealed.

Food distribution occurs on Mondays from 5:30 to 7:30 pm and Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays from 10 am to 1 pm.

Contact the pantry at 267.318.0607 or