A update from our food cupboard…

from Deb Carver, the Interim Food Cupboard Manager:

People wheel out their shopping basket of groceries and the first thing they say is, ‘Please tell everyone how grateful we are!’ As neighbors in the local community gather in our waiting room for their chance to shop, we hear the stories about how hard it is for them to make the food last to the end of the month. The demand for food assistance continues to increase each month. People leave our cupboard with relieved smiles, knowing that the community around them does care.

– Breakfast cereals
– Hamburger Helper
– Tuna
– Peanut butter and jelly
– Canned beans, any kind
– Pasta & Pasta sauce
– Canned diced tomatoes
– Canned pasta, like Chef Boyardee
– Canned peas, peas and carrots, mixed vegetables
– Staples, like flour, sugar, cooking oil, coffee, tea
– Condiments, like salad dressing, mayo, ketchup
– Granola bars, protein bars, breakfast bars
– Boxed rice side dishes

Where and when to donate:
1250 Easton Road, Roslyn
(brick building behind Living Word Lutheran Church)
267-318-0607; foodcupboard@fpmontco.org
Mon. to Fri. 10 am to 1 pm and Sat. 9 am to noon

Please bring items within their expiration dates and unopened, unless packaged individually.

Follow the food cupboard on social media:
Instagram at @interfaithfoodcupboard
Facebook @Inter-Faith-Food-Cupboard-118883421466896/