A update from Inter-Faith Food Cupboard Interim Manager Debbie Carver

“Demand is up sharply. People are lined up in the parking lot to receive groceries, even when it pours.  

The stories we are hearing are heartbreaking, and we are seeing many more new clients than ever before. They’ve never been to a food cupboard and never thought they would have to.

We are responding to meet the demand by increasing the amount of groceries we are giving out. Right now, we are giving at least six bags of groceries to each household.

But our inventory is dwindling. Due to the stay-at-home order and the limited supply in grocery stores, food donations are considerably down in just the last couple of weeks. There had been a torrent in the first few days of the crisis! Everyone just exploded with generosity. We saw that there were people who immediately thought of others, not just their own families, as this all went down.

We’re trying to help people feel some comfort and dignity in their decision to come to us. We’re telling them how amazing a community we have around us and that all of us are part of building that. Today, we help your family. Another time, we might need you to help ours. We will all pay this kindness forward to help others in the future. And everyone who is bringing donations is so happy to share with others. Donors are waving at clients and wishing them well; clients are calling out their thanks and blessings to donors.”

If you are able to make a donation, here are some of the items we need.

– macaroni and cheese boxes
– individual microwavable meals
– canned peas, green beans, and mixed vegetables (but not corn)
– canned chunky soups
– jelly (but not peanut butter)
– breakfast cereal and oatmeal
– canned chicken (but not canned tuna)
– canned chili or stew
– canned pasta
– canned tomato products
– rice and potato side dishes
– crackers or cookies
– healthy snacks
– breakfast and protein bars
– dried fruit and trail mixes

Where to donate:
1250 Easton Road, Roslyn
(brick building behind Living Word Lutheran Church)
267-318-0607; foodcupboard@fpmontco.org
Please call ahead to hear daily donation hours. 

Please bring items within their expiration dates and unopened, unless packaged individually.

Follow the food cupboard on social media:
Instagram at @interfaithfoodcupboard
Facebook @Inter-Faith-Food-Cupboard-118883421466896/