Meet Kayla.

After my divorce, my two young children and I had no place to live. The secretary at our church told us about Inter-Faith.

When we first entered the shelter, I felt trapped. There were strict rules. I couldn’t tell anyone where we lived. No one could visit, and we had to be in by dinner time. By the end of the first week, though, something happened. I was humbled by everyone’s kindness. The volunteers treated my kids like they were their own.

After my stay in the shelter, I entered Inter-Faith’s transitional housing program at Hope Gardens. I found a second job, saved my money, and after two years I purchased my own home.

Here’s what I learned in that time. My success is not measured by how much money I make or where I live. It is measured by how I persevered through a nasty divorce and homelessness. I was determined to be self-sufficient, and Inter-Faith gave me the tools I needed.

It was the worst time of my life — but in a funny kind of way, it was also the best, and I wouldn’t change anything about my life or my story.

As a supporter of Inter-Faith Housing Alliance, you probably know that families are homeless right here in our backyard — despite all the resources available in Montgomery County. You also know that Inter-Faith has been here for the past 30 years, partnering with local religious congregations to help set these families on the path to self-sufficiency.

Now we’re turning to you to help us, as we face the prospect of losing federal funding, which makes up about 10% of our budget. If 333 of our donors committed to a $10 monthly donation, we could make up this shortfall…and we hope to reach this goal by November.

Your donation of $10 a month for one year — only 33 cents a day — provides an entire month of emergency shelter for a family like Linda’s…not just a safe place to sleep, but also the support they need to make sure they are never homeless again. Can you help?

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