Fall is here and a chill is in the air

Have you reached to the back of your closet to pull out your matching coat, gloves, and hat? Have your children outgrown their boots and lost their gloves?

For most of us, that means a quick trip to the store or a visit to Amazon. But the cool weather can be very different for families of Inter-Faith Housing Alliance.

Buying a new coat or the right size snow boots can strain a limited budget, derail a savings plan, or delay a utility bill payment. Many families face this added stress as winter and the holiday season start.

Can you help?

Ten of our families have shared specific needs for cold weather. Here are a few requests:

12 year old girl – winter boots, winter jacket, hat, gloves, scarf
11 year old boy – long johns, undershirts, pj’s, Timberland-style boots
4 year old girl – coat, boots, long socks, hat, gloves, scarf
5 year old boy – coat, long johns, boots, long socks, hats, gloves
Young adult female – puffy style winter coat, winter boots, sweaters, socks
Young adult male – coat, hat, gloves, boots, knee-length athletic socks
Adult female – winter boots, jacket, gloves

If you can supply any of these, please contact our Community Resource Manager, Sue Zomberg, at sue@fpmontco.org for the specific sizes requested.