Volunteer Spotlight: Evan and Jonathan from The Nexus School

We are blessed with a group of fabulous food cupboard volunteers from all walks of life. We have some volunteers who need community service (and a couple have stayed on past their required time), some who simply value the camaraderie of our crew, and others who jump at the chance to improve the world in one small way.

For two of our frequent volunteers, serving in the food cupboard gives them the opportunity to make a difference in their community while learning new skills. Evan and Jonathan and their teachers Stephanie Greco and Mariel Pappa of the Nexus school have been coming for a couple of years to help prepare our bag #1. While ours is a partial choice pantry, everyone gets a #1 bag filled with staples like pasta, pasta sauce, green beans and bread. Evan and Jonathan work hard to find the items on the shelves and make sure each bag is fully stocked. Thank you to Evan, Jonathan, Stephanie, and Mariel!