April Is Volunteer Appreciation Month

Actually, we appreciate our volunteers every month! But April is the official Volunteer Appreciation Month, and this month we’re highlighting a young volunteer from our Food Pantry. She shared some of her thoughts about her time working with us and we’re so grateful she did!

Mia volunteers at the pantry because she is passionate about making fresh food accessible to everyone. “I believe that every family deserves access to healthy food and volunteering at the Family Promise Food Pantry works toward that goal one step at a time,” she says.

She’s impressed by the care taken to ensure that each family’s preferences are taken into account. “There are specific foods geared toward the size of the family, personal preference, and the amount of products within the pantry,” she notes.

She also really enjoys her time at the pantry—and feels like she’s learned a lot. “The volunteers are kind, compassionate, and extremely welcoming,” she says. “They taught me how to communicate and work as a team. Even through small mishaps, the pantry taught me to work through them and how to quickly solve problems.”

“I would recommend volunteering at the pantry. The group of volunteers are extremely hardworking which will motivate you to do the same! Overall the pantry is a tremendously good organization which provides support to so many.”

We’re so thankful to Mia for volunteering her time, and to all of the volunteers who make our programs possible. Thank you!