Volunteer Spotlight: Todd Smith

Hope Forest is truly the house that Todd built.

Our incredible volunteers make everything we do possible. Our mission requires a great deal of work; without our volunteers Inter-Faith simply could not function. Every once in a while, a volunteer truly goes above and beyond with indefatigable enthusiasm and generosity. Todd Smith, pictured above with Marsha Eichelberger, is such a volunteer.

Todd is a math teacher at William Tennent High School, owner of Pleasant Contracting in Ambler, and so much more. He had helped out previously in the Hope Gardens apartment sponsored by his church, First Presbyterian in Ambler, and jumped at the chance to volunteer his time as Hope Forest’s contractor. It was a large job, but one Todd says meant a lot to him and everyone else involved. “The most rewarding part,” he says, “was meeting all of the volunteers and groups that came to the house so willing to help. A big project like this can’t be done by one person and there was such a huge number of people from all different places who came… The highlight of it all was during the open house when I got to meet the woman and her two kids who would be living in one of the apartments. Her gratitude and excitement was overwhelming for me. After spending so much time there, it was so nice to see who would be benefiting from this work.”

The finished product is truly incredible. As Todd said, “I think the overall product was great and was done without cutting corners, which is a big part of how I run my company. I don’t like when work is done incorrectly or without pride. That house is a historic, beautiful home and we tried to keep it that way.”

We hope his work and spirit of giving inspire others to help their community. “I volunteered to help with Hope Forest because I am blessed with many things in my life and it would be wrong for me to think that I shouldn’t be helping people who are less fortunate. We all have busy lives, but nobody is too busy to help someone in need.”

We couldn’t agree more. Thank you, Todd!