Volunteers are engaged in every aspect of what Inter-Faith does

…Guest Message From Community Resource Manager, Lauren Kormanik

“life·blood /ˈlīfˌbləd/ noun: the blood, as being necessary to life; the indispensable factor or influence that gives something its strength and vitality.”

Indispensable. Influencing. Providing strength & vitality. This definition leaves us no doubt about the lifeblood of Inter-Faith: our volunteers.

Like many nonprofits, Inter-Faith was founded by passionate community members volunteering their time to help an under-served population in our area. It was only by engaging hundreds of volunteers from local congregations and organizations that Lei Barry (Founder, President Emeritus) could begin to build Inter-Faith into what it has become today. The dedication of those volunteers and new volunteers along the way is what makes us continue to thrive and grow.

What do the Interfaith Hospitality Network, Hope Gardens, Inter-Faith Food Cupboard, Board Meetings, Committee Meetings, Golf Outing, have in common? Volunteers! Volunteers are engaged in every aspect of what Inter-Faith does, whether answering the office phone on a Monday afternoon, registering golfers at our annual golf outing, serving a meal to families in emergency shelter, or painting an apartment, our volunteers ensure that our programs run smoothly and that our families are cared for with the dignity they deserve.

In FY2015, more than 700 volunteers provided over 9,600 hours of service to the fight against family homelessness!

National Volunteer Week is April 10th- 16th. This week, we’d like thank everyone who has shared their time and talents with Inter-Faith Housing Alliance. And if you’re not currently a volunteer, there’s no better time to contact us!

Happy National Volunteer Week!

Lauren Kormanik