There’s a New Way to Access Housing Help in Montgomery County

Starting this month, if you are in Montgomery County and experiencing, or at risk of experiencing, homelessness, you can dial 610-278-3522 to reach the new Your Way Home (YWH) Call Center. This helpline, replacing the 211 contact number, is answered by operators at the Montgomery County Office of Community Connections, who have access to updated information about available providers and other services.

Family Promise Montco recognizes that homelessness is a deeply challenging and distressing situation, often creating feelings of isolation, vulnerability, and uncertainty. The establishment of this new helpline number provides direct access, local expertise, and timely responses to calls from residents experiencing homelessness. Callers can also receive information about Code Blue Shelter services.

Why would you now call 211? If you need to connect with resources in your community and aren’t sure where to start, consider calling 211. This helpline is a great resource for various needs, including assistance with utility bills, food programs and benefits, caregiver resources, and more. You can dial 211 to speak with a resource specialist for free, or search by location for online resources and more contact information.

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