Congregation Spotlight: Supplee Presbyterian Church

Supplee Presbyterian has been a home for worship, community and service since the 1950s. This congregation provides many opportunities for connection- not only with God, but with other parishioners and the greater community. No where is this better evidenced than in their support of Inter-Faith Housing Alliance.

This brave congregation takes on one of the most challenging months of the year to host our families with care and generosity. With the help of three buddy congregations, Supplee creates a home for our families and appropriately refers to this month “Room at the Inn.” We are also grateful to their amazing youth group for pitching in to clean up our courtyards and plant some lovely flowers!

In addition to being a wonderful partner and advocate to Inter-Faith, Supplee provides many different opportunities for education and worship- including a creative, engaging preschool open to the whole community. This year, Supplee’s preschool will celebrate its 44th year educating and nurturing children!

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