Congregation Spotlight: St. Thomas Whitemarsh

American history infuses the very ground of St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Whitemarsh. While the building itself was officially consecrated in 1881, the property has held a house of worship since 1698. In fact, the “new” building was only built after the previous church sustained extensive damage during the Battle of Germantown in the Revolutionary War.

Yet it’s not the church’s impressive history that sets it apart. In addition to its thriving preschool, St. Thomas has sixty-five active ministries, providing its over 1600 parishioners with many ways to serve the church and community. The church holds many events to bring congregants and community together, as it strives to be a welcoming, engaging and supportive place not only of worship but of fellowship.St. Thomas has something for everyone, whether you choose to walk the labyrinth in quiet contemplation or sing silly songs with your children at a family service.

From “St. Thomas’ Church works to inspire us to serve others and share God’s peace, love and joy. St. Thomas’ is home to those with much faith, and those who would like to have more. We are home to those who worship often, and to those who have not been in a long time. St. Thomas’ offers a wonderful community of people and clergy that will welcome you with open arms.”