Congregation Spotlight: Jarrettown United Methodist Church

Jarrettown United Methodist Church truly lives up to its mission statement: “to make disciples of Jesus Christ, relieve suffering, and glorify God.” We at I-FHA are honored to be listed among the many wonderful organizations they serve and are impressed by their commitment to help others in the local and worldwide community.

Since 1865, this congregation has been a place for worship and continues to offer more and more opportunities for community. There are men’s breakfasts, softball games and devotions and various women’s Circles as well as a MOPs group. There are also small groups meeting at various times and places throughout the week. Their Thrive ministry for junior and high school students participates in a wide variety of exciting activities and families with children of all ages have opportunities to participate in fun fellowship.

From their Jarrettown United Methodist Church’swebsite. Jarrettown United Methodist Church’s vision is to take leadership in a world-wide movement of Christians committed to:

  • Introducing Christ in understandable ways to every person.
  • Assisting every spiritual seeker to become a committed believer in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.
  • Empowering every believer to be a witness and to do ministry by recognizing and employing each person’s spiritual gifts.
  • Incorporating every believer in small groups for nurture, accountability, support, and mission.
  • Gathering believers for worship in which every one can express his or her love to God.
  • Serving our community and world by pursuing God’s will for wholeness, justice, and peace.