Congregation Spotlight: Gwynedd Friends Meeting

Gwynedd Friends Meeting has been an active and engaged congregation since 1699. In fact, Gwynedd Friends were the earliest settlers in Towamencin and Montgomery townships. Since then, these Friends have continued their tradition of open, welcoming worship services and devotion to community. Their services are quiet, meditative gatherings without a formal leader- anyone is invited to speak as they are called and all are encouraged to actively participate in aiding the greater community.

In addition to regular worship and opportunities for faith education, Gwynedd Friends also has a thriving preschool celebrating its 73rd year nurturing and educating toddlers through kindergartners. Through celebrating the Light of God in every person, their focus for the children is always on encouraging them to learn respect for others to become contributing members of the community. Visit to learn more.

From their website, “Members of the Religious Society of Friends, Quakers, believe in the presence of the Light of God in everyone, direct communion with the Divine, and continuing revelation. Rooted in the Christian tradition, we eagerly welcome believers of all faiths as fellow members of God’s universal community. We gather in silence, quiet the superficial chatter in our minds, calm our hearts, and seek the source of love and truth in our lives. Friends describe this source in various ways: God, the Spirit, the Inward Light, the Divine, the Christ Within, the still small voice.”