Congregation Spotlight: First Presbyterian Church

As our nearest congregation, First Presbyterian Church in Ambler often goes above and beyond the usual network duties by providing a wonderful space for us to meet, or even a safe spot for our children to play during educational programming. They have recently committed to purchase and renovate housing for graduates of our program, ensuring quality low- cost housing and a real chance at successful futures for many families who would have greatly struggled upon leaving I-FHA. We are constantly impressed by the giving and welcoming nature of this congregation- they have so many different styles of worship and so many opportunities to learn, share and grow. From their website,

“Our church is active throughout the week with youth groups, children’s programs, small groups, community groups, and a host of other activities. At the center of all these activities is our Sunday morning worship.

We believe that God created us to live and love in joy, to serve the world, to share the love of God in Jesus Christ with the world, and with gratitude in our hearts, to give praise and offer our lives to God. As Christians we believe that this gratitude is what makes us whole and life satisfying.”

Thank you, First Presbyterian Church!