Congregation Spotlight: Citylight Church

While Citylight is neither a host or a buddy congregation, they have been supporting us through small group service opportunities for the past few years. Citylight’s physical congregations are in Center City and Manayunk, and they have several small Citygroups in Philadelphia and the suburbs. We first got involved with the MontCo Citygroup which then split as it grew, and now have groups come from their Wyncote and Chestnut Hill Citygroups. Volunteers have done everything from cleaning out the day center after a water leak to painting apartments to playing with children.

These volunteers exemplify Citylight’s emphasis on community and service. From their website, “The new love God gives us doesn’t end with Him and one another. He also wants us to extend that love outside of ourselves, just as He extended His love to us. Therefore we exist to love the city around us, and the world beyond it. We seek to do this through loving service and clear gospel proclamation.”

Thank you, Citylight! We are lucky to have such great volunteers that continue to come back and deepen our connection.