Winter is finally winding down

Words from Executive Director Marsha Eichelberger …

Winter is finally winding down…can T-shirts, flower blooms, and warm temperatures be far behind? The end of winter means the end of Code Blue alerts on frigid winter nights, but we still need your compassion and dedication to help Montgomery County families overcome homelessness.

In fact, a recent report from the Pennsylvania Department of Education found that in school year 2016-17, more than 30,000—30,000!—children and youth experienced homelessness in our state. It’s clear that your support and engagement are no less important now that they were during the winter season.

This month, I’d like to give a special thanks to our board and committee members, a source of continual support to our organization. These folks help us take logical, realistic, impactful steps to further the mission of Inter-Faith. They inspire me and I feel lucky to have the support of such a passionate, diverse group.

We warmly welcome this year’s new board and committee members—Wanda, Kris, Sherry, Nina, Omar, Bill, Ellen, Ginnie, and Christina—who I know will uphold our values and push Inter-Faith to reach its fullest potential. They will hold us to the highest standards and bring their diverse perspectives to the table. I look forward to the discussions to come, and I can’t wait to see what we can achieve, working together.

Executive Director Marsha Eichelberger