Spreading small acts of generosity

…a message from Executive Director Marsha Eichelberger

This may seem like a sleepy month with one highly celebrated- or dreaded- romantic holiday, some talk about groundhogs and not much else going on. But, like that sneaky extra “r” in its name, February is full of surprises.

In February we celebrate Black History Month; we delve deeply into the stories, people and communities that have shaped our nation. But beyond the tales of sacrifice and triumph, this month is when many of us acknowledge how very much we do not know, how many stories are left untold.

In February we celebrate President’s Day; we look back on the efforts of our country’s leaders with admiration and disdain, awe and frustration. The holiday’s origins are murky, especially since references to it seem to be mostly about the “spectacular savings” we can take advantage of on our days off!

In February we celebrate Valentine’s Day; we remind those we love how very much we love them with gifts, cards, and candy and hope they do the same. Its origins are no less murky than those of President’s Day, but there is no doubt that it has evolved into a day to celebrate love in all its forms.

A few years ago The Case Foundation suggested we rebrand Valentine’s Day to Generosity Day. I love this idea. As we gratefully remember our history and thankfully celebrate the love in our present, let’s take the time to pay it forward. After all, what is love but generosity? When we love someone we give everything we have for their sake- we give them our very selves. But why limit love to a romantic partner? I’ve always been inspired by how the faith communities we work with encourage their congregants to love all of humanity and act accordingly. Think of it: how could the world change if for one day we each looked around and did not see strangers but saw people deserving of love and care?

Let’s spend all of February intentionally spreading small acts of generosity. Let’s spend all of our days acting in love.

Thank you.
Executive Director Marsha Eichelberger