Our Incredible Congregations

This National Volunteer Week, I’d like to shine a spotlight on all the congregations in our network. The congregations in the hospitality network continue to open their doors and hearts to provide much more than shelter- they offer kindness, dignity and hope. They make a house of worship into a home, a sentiment deeply appreciated by everyone from the parents seeking shelter to their tiniest babies. Upon leaving a congregation, one of the families in the program wrote them this note:

“Dear Congregation,
I have never experienced such amazing, joyful warmth as I have while being in your presence. Thank you so much for allowing me and my son to stay in your church. Our last night was a night of fun and some heartache yet we will remember it with fondness”

We cannot thank you enough. Inter-Faith is simply not possible without the support of the host and buddy congregations and all the volunteers providing transportation, preparing and serving meals, and acting as overnight hosts.

Thank you.

Marsha Eichelberger, Executive Director