Much to be grateful this December

…a message from Executive Director Marsha Eichelberger

I send you all my warmest wishes in hopes that you’re falling into your winter routines with ease—candles and fires lit as friends and family linger close by. Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa or observe the season another way, there’s so much to be grateful this December. You’ll be absorbed in wishes of health, laughter, passion and good faith as temperatures plummet, snowflakes fall and furnaces work a little harder.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that many families living in Montgomery County won’t have those luxuries this winter—they might not have the option to recline lazily by a fire or watch their gifts glow in the soft lights of their holiday candles. For families experiencing homelessness around us, this season brings not comfort but risk, from unbearably cold nights to reminders of the holiday cheer that’s not being attained.

This season, I hope you’ll remember these families with children as Inter-Faith works to help them overcome homelessness. While you’ll act with energy and empathy toward your loved ones, I hope you’ll keep some of that fire burning for those who need it. I know this season, you’ll find someone who needs a light in their life—and I hope you’ll find a way to be that light.

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Executive Director Marsha Eichelberger