Happy Holidays from the families, staff and board

…a message from Executive Director Marsha Eichelberger


For many of us, that word conjurs feelings of warmth, security, and love. Our ideal home is where we release, where we can be truly and completely ourselves with people who love us without reservation- where we are safe in every sense of the word. No matter what our circumstances, we all recognize that what makes a house a home is not the splendor of the holiday decorations or the immaculate housekeeping. The best homes, the kind we all want, are not necessarily the most luxurious mansions but the places where we instantly feel comfort and love. Those served by Inter-Faith Housing Alliance want that kind of home, too. They look toward a positive future, away from the insecurity and trauma of homelessness, toward stability and growth for themselves and their children.

Perhaps that’s why so many of you open your hearts to us this time of year. During December our phones are ringing, the place is hopping with volunteers, neatly wrapped gifts are coming in the doors and making their way to our current and former families. Our families are blessed by the kindness and generosity of this community, by their support and love now and throughout the year. It is a joy and privilege to work with and learn from the families, volunteers and donors who participate in our program.

Happy Holidays from the families, staff and board of Inter-Faith Housing Alliance. May your home be a welcoming place of love and peace now and always.

Thank you.

Executive Director Marsha Eichelberger