Growing in Hope Gardens

…a message from Executive Director Marsha Eichelberger

This is a time of year with lots of change: the weather is getting cooler, leaves are bursting into color and slowly falling, the night seems to be coming a bit sooner every day. We’ve just changed our clocks and put away our light, colorful t- shirts and shorts to be replaced by cozy sweaters, scarves and hats.

I don’t know about you but change is often difficult for me. Sometimes I even resist it outright (I still haven’t reset my watch!). Change can be scary- it means that our familiar way is gone and that can be unsettling. Usually, however, change balances out and hopefully becomes the best thing that could have happened (although I’m still skeptical of Daylight Savings).

Families come to Inter-Faith because they need shelter, but they receive so much more. We work with families during and after their stay to help them make real, life- altering changes.

– They find better paying jobs
– They connect with support systems
– They save money
– They clean up their credit.

Most importantly, they begin to regain their dignity, hope, pride and self-reliance again. We are grateful to be a part of that transition. We are also grateful for the support of the community and our volunteers, without whom none of these changes would be possible. We are lucky to be part of a place where Thanksgiving doesn’t just come once a year- we live in a constant state of awe and gratitude!

Thank you
Executive Director Marsha Eichelberger