A Note From Our Executive Director

We are celebrating our 40th anniversary! As we look back on the past four decades, there is much to lament, but also much to celebrate.

We mourn for all of the children and families who have not had the dignity of a safe, stable home in those 40 years. We grieve for the people in our community who felt hunger or the insecurity of not knowing where their next meal would come from because of their financial circumstances. We repent the many ways our community has, often unintentionally, perpetuated and been complicit in injustice.

Yet, despite these somber lamentations, we have so much to be grateful for and to celebrate. Together, we have lovingly lifted up our neighbors as they address their families’ needs for housing and food. We came together to create a network of volunteers, donors, and partners that care deeply about others’ well-being and consistently take action to make our community better. We have humbly worked toward forgiveness, healing, and reconciliation.

The past few years have been filled with complex and unforeseen challenges, and our community rose to the occasion to ensure that the COVID-19 pandemic would not inhibit our ability to work together to help our neighbors. We adjusted how we operate and provided new services to address pandemic-related needs. The recently completed Day Center renovation will provide families participating in the Interfaith Hospitality Network a secure and private space to spend time together, prepare meals, do laundry, study, and play. Hope on Fifth in Lansdale expands our county’s supply of affordable housing for families with modest incomes. Our new Food Pantry location offers the community even more food choices in a convenient setting.

All of these projects were possible because of the commitment, dedication, and tenacity of our volunteers, donors, and partners. While we hope that in another 40 years our community will have resolved homelessness and food insecurity, we know that there are thousands of people, organizations, and companies here in Montgomery County that are ready to work together to continue making our community more welcoming, inclusive, and resilient so that all people can thrive—regardless of the circumstances.

We hope to see you at our Volunteer Appreciation Party and 40th Anniversary event on October 23!

With appreciation,

Marsha Eichelberger
Executive Director