What Greatness Are You Destined For?

An essay contest at Inter-Faith! We asked the children and teens at Hope Gardens and Hope Forest to envision their future—what do they aspire to become, and how do they plan to achieve that goal? What will “greatness” or success look like for them? How do they believe they will positively impact others?
We had lots of great submissions and two winners! 
Neveah, a sophomore at Wissahickon High School, writes, “Since I was 3 years old I’ve been putting together puzzles like it was nothing. Today I have a passion for art and designing things. With that in mind, I aspire to become an architectural engineer.”

“I have already started looking at colleges that offer scholarships for engineering design like Harvard, the University of Pennsylvania, Drexel University, and the number one best engineering school, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Coming from high school my main focus will be to go to college and become the greatest me I can be, finding where my talents fit best in the engineering design field. I am destined for so much greatness that I can’t even explain! Although becoming an architectural engineer is going to be difficult, I don’t plan to give up!”
Our second winner is Madison-Nicole, a fifth-grader at Shady Grove Elementary School.

“I really like watching TV shows about designing buildings, so I’m destined to design buildings for the homeless. I think that building a shelter or a ‘Free Home’ that people who are homeless can live in is a really kind thing to do. At least they will have a good place to live and good food. I love seeing people happy with their family. I would love for people who are struggling with stuff to stay in a place for free to get back on their feet.”

Congrats to Neveah and Madison! Thanks for sharing your goals with us—and know that we too believe that you are destined for great things!