The Faith Community Is A Vital Partner In Addressing Homelessness and Hunger

The housing crisis in our community is a pressing reality. Montgomery County now has the third highest rate of evictions in Pennsylvania, recording 22 evictions per day. Last month, my Family Promise Montco colleagues and I joined over 200 people for a Community of Practice event, ‘Meeting the Moment: Taking Action on Homelessness and Affordable Housing in Montgomery County’ hosted by HealthSpark Foundation. Interfaith communities pay a crucial role in developing actionable, person-centered responses to these dual crises.

As a panelist on a conference session discussion about the partnership with faith communities, a shared belief was voiced about the allyship they provide to our work. Serving others involves recognizing the needs and struggles of others. The phrase “living out their faith” is witnessed daily in the compassion and empathy to others that our Interfaith Hospitality Network volunteers give to our caregivers and their children experiencing homelessness. My team and I have also witnessed the swift and enthusiastic response when calls for help are made to coordinate food drives for our community food pantry. Faith becomes tangible when we serve others, and our volunteers often express a sense of receiving more from the experience than what they give.

As our community faces the ongoing challenges of implementing housing policies that promote sustainable, long-term solutions for homelessness and hunger, Family Promise emerges as a beacon of hope. We deeply understand the significance of collective action and the strength found in unity. Living out our faith propels us to actively engage in constructing a more resilient and interconnected community. Through collaborative efforts, boundless compassion, and unwavering commitment, Family Promise stands alongside our faith communities, working tirelessly to forge a brighter future for those experiencing homelessness and hunger.