Stay Wise. Sanitize.

Dear friends,

You’ve probably seen a lot of stories about people fending for themselves amid the COVID-19 crisis. People are racing for the last roll of toilet paper and other basic supplies in a panic because of the uncertainty of the situation. As the director of a shelter and food pantry, I can appreciate how stressful it is to effectively deal with a difficult and unanticipated circumstance.

What we don’t hear about as often on the news is the tremendous outpouring of compassion and kindness from many members of our community. Several of you have reached out to us to offer your time and support – above and beyond what you already do for us. You know that people in our community will be inequitably impacted by COVID-19, and you made the choice to think of others when it would be all too easy to only focus on your own needs.

We want to recognize our volunteers, donors, and others in our community who have stepped up to help others who may be impacted, directly or indirectly, by COVID-19. This important reminder of the power of community coming together will help us get through this difficult time.

We’ll be posting stories on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter about the amazing people who have gone the extra mile to help Inter-Faith address our community’s needs using the hashtags #COVIDKindness and #MontCoHeroes. We invite you to join us in recognizing your neighbors, coworkers, friends, and others who are doing great things for others by using these hashtags on your social media posts.

Stay Wise. Sanitize,

Marsha Eichelberger
Executive Director