Coronavirus stimulus

On March 27, a $2.2 trillion coronavirus relief bill, the largest aid package in history, was signed into law. The bill includes direct financial assistance for eligible low- to moderate-income Americans. For many families, these stimulus checks will be an essential lifeline to keep their loved ones fed and housed during the outbreak and the resulting economic turmoil.

But many families, like some residents of Inter-Faith, are at risk of not receiving a payment. Those likely to be overlooked include individuals earning less than $12,000 and those who did not file taxes or receive social security benefits—as well as those experiencing homelessness. These same families are facing job loss, inability to find employment and child care, and other unexpected costs.

Not all Americans need that extra cash to help them through this outbreak, though. We heard from one of our supporters this week. “I know how lucky I am,” she said. “My husband and I still have jobs.” She’s pledging to donate her stimulus check to Inter-Faith.

If your circumstances permit, please consider donating some or all of your stimulus check to Inter-Faith, too—to help families who need our support the most. All funds donated will be used for direct financial assistance to our resident families, our graduates, and to others in our local community who have been affected by this crisis.

Thank you!

Marsha Eichelberger
Executive Director