New book from Family Promise author Carey Smith!

You may be familiar with the story of Carey, a single dad who participated in our Hope Gardens program with his two young children about 10 years ago. During his stay at Family Promise, he wrote a story for his children about a day in the life of a single father and his little girl, who loves spaghetti. Using the pen name Christopher Carey, he published “The Adventures of Peggy Spaghetti” in 2016 and a sequel, “Friends to the End,” in 2019.

After graduating from Family Promise, he wrote three more books – “The Chubby Duck,” “The Happy Sassy Cat,” and “KJ Rockit: It’s Cool To Be You” tells about a boy’s brave journey to realize that it’s cool to be yourself, no matter what others say or do.

Carey wrote his most recent book, “Bobbyola, Loving Who You Are” to inspire children from all backgrounds and all walks of life to love and believe in themselves. This book utilizes the main character to highlight various methods that we can all implement to love and care for ourselves, and Bobbyola displays this in the book with the actions she takes in her day-to-day life.

Carey is passionate about creating fun, vibrant stories that share valuable moral lessons to empower kids of all backgrounds. His hope is that the children, and even adults, who read this book will be inspired to use the advice written inside the book to self-reflect, and apply the various techniques in their daily interactions. Especially the self-motivation aspects that are touched upon in this book, I really hope the young readers will use these methods as a first line of defense against external pressure that can come from peers and life stressors.

Learn more and buy the books at, and keep up to date with Carey on his Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites @christophercareystories.