Making Food More Accessible

We are excited to share that Family Promise Montco plans to launch an online ordering system, Order Ahead, at our Food Pantry in Roslyn. Order Ahead aims to expand access to pantry items through a discreet and convenient click-and-collect grocery ordering system that reduces the physical and social barriers encountered by neighbors facing food insecurity.

The program enables individuals facing hunger to order food from our food pantry in Roslyn, with the 12 temperature-controlled lockers having these features:

  • accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • use the Order Ahead app to register, shop for available items, place orders and receive confirmation
  • receive reminders and a pickup code to retrieve items

It may be that factors such as transportation, stigma, and time are barriers that prevent individuals from seeking help. For people who are uncomfortable seeking food assistance, the platform offers a more private and discreet experience.

Our Food Pantry Manager, LaToya, shared “it is incredible how this innovation will allow us to reach even more families in need, meeting them where they are and offering flexibility with pickup times. This step forward is crucial in our mission to combat food insecurity and bridge gaps in access to essential resources. Together, we’re making a meaningful impact on our community. Here’s to progress and empowerment!”