Lola’s Story

Lola graduated after a two-year stay at Hope Gardens in 2015.

As with many of our graduates, life has thrown some surprises her way. She was in an accident that totaled her car not long after leaving Hope Gardens. She and her family have moved a few times, and once needed help with a security deposit. We were able to connect her with financial assistance for that through our aftercare program. This aftercare support allows our graduate families to access resources and referrals that help them maintain a stable home.

She also landed a great full-time job in a local hospital just after the accident, and our aftercare coordinator, Jan, was there to cheer her on. Lola and Jan kept in touch, and when we learned Lola had found an better job at a medical laboratory, we cheered even harder.

Then, this past year, Lola was laid off. The aftercare program was there to provide her family support with school supplies, heating oil, and job counseling. And through it all, Jan has been a listening ear.

We saw Lola at Christmas, when she came in to pick up her holiday gifts.

“Thank you all for all your support through the years,” she said. “And for continuing to help our community become better.”

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