Back in March, when the world was changing so quickly and the news was dark, our Executive Director, Marsha, had an idea.

“I was reading some of the encouraging notes we received with donations,” she said. “And I thought it was important to recognize the volunteers, donors, and others in our community who have stepped up to help others who may be impacted, directly or indirectly, by COVID-19.”

We started using the hashtag #COVIDKindness (and later, #AmblerStrong and #MontcoHeroes) in social media posts that highlighted the community’s generosity. (Read them at our Facebook and Instagram.) There was no shortage of material. Every day–sometimes three or four times a day–we were surprised and so grateful to get donations of food and basic supplies that were desperately needed by the families in our programs.

“I remember thinking that it was the power of community coming together that would help us get through this and keep us connected,” Marsha said. “And it’s turned out to be true.”

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